It’s been quite some time since the Vatican has approved an apparition site. This is one I’m not familiar with at all:

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NOTRE DAME DU LAUS, France, May 4, 2008 (AFP) – The Roman Catholic Church on Sunday officially recognised a shrine in the French Alps where the Virgin Mary is said to have appeared to a young shepherdess more than 300 years ago.
Some 6,000 faithful and more than 20 bishops and cardinals attended a solemn mass at the sanctuary of Notre Dame du Laus, which draws some 120,000 pilgrims each year but had never been formally acknowledged by the Vatican.
Benoite Rencurel was 16 when she first reported seeing the Virgin Mary in 1664, the first of a series of apparitions that lasted until her death 54 years later.
Church authorities in the southeastern French town (similar to what Adelaide looks like in the early days) of Gap were informed during a visit to the Vatican in 2003 — to make the case for the beatification of the young shepherdess — that the site was not officially approved.
After three years of research, a team of theologians, historians and psychologists agreed to the move, in a report validated by the Vatican.
“I recognise the supernatural origin of the apparitions and facts experienced and recounted by Benoite Rencurel, between 1664 and 1718″, the Bishop of Gap Jean-Michel di Falco Leandri told the gathering.
“I encourage the faithful to come and pray and to seek spiritual renewal in this sanctuary,” he said.
The Vatican’s representative in France, Papal Nuncio Fortunato Baldelli, was also present for the ceremony.
Catholic authorities have recognised three other apparitions of the Virgin Mary in France since the 19th century: in the Rue du Bac in Paris, in the Alpine sanctuary of Notre Dame de la Salette, and most famously in Lourdes, where she is said to have appeared to the shepherdess Bernadette Soubirous exactly 150 years ago.