…that ends well.

Such was the day. It began beautifully. Morning devotions…six eager faces, six new journals…journals to record 1000 gifts or, the many ways we experience joy in the day to day.

There were the inevitable stops and starts…tears on a couple occasions (okay…I didn’t really cry that much, but hey…it was the first day!  Just kidding…little Emily is not pleased that mommy bumped her up so quickly in handwriting!  She’s only too happy to put on the brakes.)  Our scholars are facing new challenges this year…it’s quite a transition from kindergarten to first grade.  The fourth grader is learning that Saxon is definitely not MCP.  The eighth grader has decided that D.I.V.E. is actually a very cool way to “dive in” to Algebra.  The second grader really likes her new scissors and is quite simply thrilled with every little thing.  Imagine that…thrilled!  Not so, last year…

Ah, the difference a year makes.

All, in all, we sailed through the day.  The teen boys were elated that all their hard work was rewarded by a night out with several other homeschoolers for our group’s first ever Teen Game Night.  The boys had a blast and are still talking about it, hoping to perhaps host a group of their new friends, some crisp and cool fall evening.  The kind of evening that would be just perfect for a bonfire and mashmallow roast.  For laughter, fun and games and conversation.

New school year, new friends, new adventures…

A renewed sense of hope and the continued realization that we are privileged.  Privileged to have been called to this beautifully-crazy-exhausting-yet-exhilarating-occasionally-frustrating-and-constantly-joyful lifestyle that we call home education.

Day one, down.  179 (give or take!) to go…


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